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How to find a house when moving abroad?

One of the most important things when moving abroad, but also one of the most difficult things, is finding a place to live. When moving abroad, finding a place to call home is important. Recruit4Work recognizes this, so we have found a way to help you find your future home.

What to do?

The initial step involves conducting thorough research on the area you’ll be moving to. This will help you familiarize yourself with the city’s geography and gain insights into the housing market. It’s crucial to select a suitable location that meets your requirements and fits within your budget. However, it’s advisable to keep an open mind when it comes to location options.

Once you’ve identified potential areas, the next step is to choose an apartment. It’s essential not to rush this process. Take the time to visit multiple apartments within a short timeframe, maximizing your opportunities to find the right one. Utilizing your social media connections can be beneficial as well. Reach out to people who may assist you in your apartment search, and consider joining relevant Facebook groups and online communities to increase your chances of finding suitable options.

In addition, leveraging reliable apartment listing websites can be advantageous. However, keep in mind that properties listed on such websites tend to be rented out quickly due to the competitive rental market. Therefore, prompt action is necessary when you come across a potential apartment that meets your criteria.

Recruit4Work’s partnership

Recruit4Work partners with two housing websites namely Housing Anywhere and Uniplaces. Use any of these websites to find an apartment and get a percentage discount on the rent! This will help you find a home that fits all your needs. Both websites offer homes and rooms across Europe, including Barcelona, Athens, Lisbon, Budapest and many more. You can find rooms in shared houses as well as single person apartments. Best of all, rent a room through Recruit4Work on these websites and get a 10% discount!

How does this work?

Housing Anywhere

To receive the 10% discount through Housing Anywhere, you must create a Recruit4Work VIP profile. You can register through this link, just click here. With this link you can make your own profile and access all the apartments the website has to offer and get the 10% discount!


Interested in renting a room from the Uniplaces website? Just click here to start searching for the apartment you want to rent to receive your 10% discount!

So, to make your apartment search easier, take advantage of our Recruit4Work partnership and find the perfect home for your stay abroad!

Good luck!

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